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Why you need a Coach

'I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, will never reach their maximum capabilities.' -Bob Nardelli, Former CEO Home Depot.


Let's be clear, coaching IS NOT consultancy. A great business coach is someone who will work with you to achieve the success that you desire. As your coach, I commit to helping you achieve the following:


  • Securing greater gross profit: you will achieve more gross profit by working with me than you will invest - GUARANTEED
  • Finding more time for the things that matter: you will get back more of your time to spend doing the things that make you happy
  • Enjoying your business: you will gain a new-found passion for your business that will make working on it a pleasure, rather than a chore.


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Hear the Success Stories

'It was a pleasure to work with Sean for over three years. A strong, motivational and dynamic leader who gave me the opportunity and confidence to develop within a fast paced and demanding role. You have been an inspiration, giving time to people that have hidden potential.' -Anna, Essex

'Everyone knows a good leader that knows the way, but can they show you the way and develop your own style? Sean Purcell did this for me. I attended his Leadership course where he helped me to identify my strengths, build on my skills and coached me to be a confident leader.
His style is firm, his delivery is precise, he doesn't take prisoners and he inspires everyone in the room to have a dream that they can turn into a reality. I would highly recommend him, as I know what I came away with will influence me forever.' -Adrienne, Hertfordshire

'Inspirational, creative and energetic are just three of the many words I would use to describe Sean. I had the pleasure of working with Sean for five years and during that time I found him to be an insightful coach as well as an innovative leader. Sean's relaxed, friendly and approachable nature made him easy to work with and I would highly recommend Sean to anyone.' -Alison, Essex

'If you get the opportunity to go on one of Sean's programmes, do it!' -Alex, Essex


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Who is Sean Purcell

Do you want to grow your business in a sustainable way that enables you to work on your business, rather than in it? I have the experience of growing business in rapidly changing environments and will help you achieve this. 

Do you understand the value of having a clear vision, a strong mission, and values that all your team can agree upon? I have the skill to help you translate your thoughts and aspirations in to clear statements and plans. 

Do you want to be motivated to keep to your decisions and actions, but often find that honesty is hard to come by? I have the confidence and independence to challenge you and to drive you forward.

Do you want to get ahead in your markets and to be setting the pace? I have the creativity and passion needed to help you think outside of the box, to challenge myths, and to slay sacred cows to help you build a business that is ahead of the pack. I have access to the business minds of another 1000 business coaches globally as well as over 3000 strategies to help you grow your business.

It would be a privilege to be in your corner, fearlessly pushing you on, challenging your beliefs, motivating you to take action, and reminding you of all the things you want to do, to have, and to be.

Call me on 07908005329 to find out how I can support you to live the life that you deserve.


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